Moose's Campaign

Seething Hills, Part 2 and 3

After defeating the Spirit Naga, the party found a large lake within the Seething Hills. Located in its southern half was a binding circle keeping some creature contained beneath the water. Rook jumped across the waters, fastened a rope, and Jergling followed suit. Erynor and Varis had trouble swimming across, even with the aid of the rope.

They encountered a Shaitan, who told them to leave her cave, and were assaulted by an Invisible Stalker lurking deeper in the cave. After, they tried to cross the water again, but were attacked by water elementals.
The elementals waited until they were holding onto the ropes before they struck. The heroes ran to the shore, and the water creatures submerged themselves.

The heroes had a few options in how to proceed in the cave. They could harass the Shaitan earth genie again, uncover the magic and free the creature of the binding circle, or descend down the waterfall of the lake.

Jergling jumped down and died, or rather, was sent back to the summoning realm. They decided this was not the best course of action. Crossing the lake again, they were attacked by the same water elementals. Defeating these enemies, revealed the Dragon Turtle, the creature bound by the magical circle. It asked for help to free it.

Sea cats, a strange mix of cat and fish, emerged from the depths, causing Varis to summon an assortment of creatures. Afterwards, the Dragon Turtle said it would help them find the pirates in the cave, and also asked them to dispatch the genie in the southern cave.

10 Masterwork blowgun darts

Water Elementals
Sea Cat

Porosen, Dragon Turtle


demonmoose demonmoose

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